GUEST LECTURE: From Curating to Cryating and back again: Socially-engaged curating and Affective Labour. King's College University, London, 20 March.

GUEST LECTURE: Crafting curatorial theory & practice beyond the White Cube, Plymouth College of Art, England, 12 March.


VIDEO CONVERSATION: Artaxis National Clay Week Conversations, Ceramics & Industry, Anthony Stellaccio interviews Wendy Gers, 9 October 9th. LINK

LECTURE: Fast forward: ceramics, new technologies and the future, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, 7 September, Sponsored by the Alliance Française, Ahmedabad.

WORKSHOP: Cultural exchange with France & mobility for Indian academics. In Collaboration with Romain Camus, Director, Institut français, Rajasthan, at the Indian Institute for Craft and Design, Jaipur, 5 September.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Indian Ceramics Triennale, at the Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, 2 September. Sponsored by the Institut français. LINK

CONFERENCE PRESENTER, Bihor couture & contemporizing indigenous crafts through style & luxury, at the Folk and Tribal Art Traditions: Revival and Sustenance Conference, Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur, 30 August. Sponsored by the Institut français.

CONFERENCE LECTURE: Digital dilemmas: subjugation or liberation - ceramics education in the 21st century, International Conference of the 60th ‘Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica d'Arte Contemporanea - Premio Faenza’ , Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy. 28 June. LINK

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Restating Clay: making, learning, communicating & collecting contemporary studio ceramics, Centre for Ceramic Art (CoCA), York Art Gallery, York, UK, 19 & 20 March.


PANEL ORGANISER & SPEAKER: Clay matters, Hasselt, Belgium, PXL-MAD, 16-18 November.

 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: 30th anniversary celebrations of the Künstlerhaus in Neumünster, Germany. 23 September.


GUEST LECTURE: Céramiques contemporaines en France et ailleurs. Ecole d'art de Beauvais, France. 10 July.

Céramiques contemporaines en France et ailleurs. Ecole d'art de Beauvais, France. 10 July, with Hervé Le Nost (3rd from left) and Patrick Loughran (5th from left).

Céramiques contemporaines en France et ailleurs. Ecole d'art de Beauvais, France. 10 July, with Hervé Le Nost (3rd from left) and Patrick Loughran (5th from left).


OPENING SPEAKER, ARTIST’S FORUM CONFERENCE CONVENOR, MODERATOR & SPEAKER: Cont{r}act Earth, First Central China International Ceramics Biennale, Henan Museum, Zhengzhou, China. 9, 10 & 11 Dec.

BOOK LAUNCH, GUEST LECTURE & GALLERY TOUR: Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 04 Aug.

BOOK LAUNCH:  University of Pretoria, 19 Aug.

BOOK LAUNCH:  University of Johannesburg, South Africa, 22 Aug.

ROUND TABLE: #pArticipateRadio with Bruce Dennill (host), Wilhelm Disbergen, (scenographer) and Tarryn-Lee Hudson (actress), Johannesburg, 22 Aug. LINK

LECTURE & ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANT: Topographies of the Obsolete, Thank Tank 2. KIHB University, Bergen, Norway, 26 August. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Mud Matters. ENSA Limoges, France, 4 May. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: La Céramique comme expérience. Visions. Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 17 April. LINK

PANEL CONVENOR & PRESENTER: Ceramics & Sustainability. Virtual Clay lecture series. 92nd Str Y, New York. Video conference with Wayne Higby (International Academy of Ceramics), Kevin Murray (World Craft Council – Asia Pacific) & Joshua Green (NCECA), 6 April. LINK

LECTURE & ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANT: Handwork + Digital Tools, Panel with Holly Hanessian [moderator], Del Harrow, Andy Brayman & Wendy Gers, 17 March 2016, 2:15-3:45pm, Grand Ballroom 2501 C, Kansas City Convention Center, 301 West 13th Street, Kansas City, Missoui, USA

LECTURE & ROUND TABLE MODERATOR: Globalization and Sustainability - The Future of Ceramics? Debate with leaders of three key international ceramics and craft organizations – Josh Green (NCECA), Kevin Murray (World Crafts Council, Asia Pacific Region) and Wayne Higby (IAC), Hosted by the 92nd Street Y, New York, 6 April 2016, 7 pm, Eastern Standard Time. LINK


GUEST LECTURE: Eclipsed: digital technologies in contemporary ceramics. Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 04 Aug. 

PANEL CONVENOR, LECTURE & ROUND TABLE MODERATOR: Curatorial models and protocols in international ceramics biennales: ‘Ubuntu’ co-creation, collaboration and dialogue as the hallmark of the 2014 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale. Stepping Up: Australian Ceramics Triennial, Canberra, Australia, 10 July. LINK  


LECTURE & ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANT: Les Échanges France-Taïwan : créer, innover, expérimenter, construire ensemble. D’days, Les arts codés, Pantin, Paris, 7 June. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Une réflexion autour du nouveau matérialisme dans l’art et le design contemporains. Pavillon Bosio, École supérieure d’arts plastiques de la Ville de Monaco, 26 March. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Exhibition Politics: A personal reflection on the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale. Video conference, University of North Texas, USA, 6 March.  LINK

LECTURE & ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANT: Curating and Craft: What Happens Now? Critical Craft Forum at College Art Association Conference, New York. Moderator: Namita Gupta Wiggers (Director, Critical Craft Forum). Other panel members: Glenn Adamson (Director: Museum of Arts & Design) & Anthony Elms (Associate Curator: ICA, Philadelphia). 13 Feb. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Ceramics - Agency and New Materialism. Project Art, Cummington, Massachusetts, USA, 9 Feb.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Camille Claudel et les valeurs du CPA-Dirigeant d'Entreprise, Gala, La Piscine - Musée d'Art et d'Industrie de Roubaix André Diligent, Roubaix, France, 14 Nov.

GUEST LECTURE: Les biennales de la céramique dans un contexte asiatique et international à partir de thèmes conceptuels innovants. Journées d’études, Céramique et Création. Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’art de Bretagne, Quimper, France, 14 Oct. LINK

SYMPOSIUM KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale, Tomorrow is today: a reflection on new tools & digital materialities in contemporary ceramics, Jakarta, Indonesia, 24 Sept. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Opening Pandora’s Box Reflecting on the multiple futures of ceramics. International Conference of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), Dublin, Ireland, 10 Sept. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: The Expanded Field: Ontological Absences & Challenges for Ceramics Biennales & Museums, Ceramics in the Expanded Field Conference, University of Westminster, London, 18 July. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Tomorrow? A preliminary reflection on the multiple futures of ceramics in Italy & Europe. Conférence ‘Architettura e Ceramica’, Rome, Italy, 11 July. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: A preliminary reflection on ethical issues concerning the relationship between Western artists and designers and Chinese ceramics production centres like Jingdezhen. Topographies of the Obsolete: Exploring the Site Specific and Associated Histories of Post-Industry, Workshop # 4. Spode, Stoke on Trent, 21 June. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: A critical Reflection of East Asian Ceramics Biennales. Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia. University of Tokyo, Japan, 15 May. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Contemporary South African Ceramics – hybrid traditions. Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku / Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan, 15 May.

GUEST LECTURE: Digital Materialities in Contemporary International Ceramics. Ceramics and Materials Seminar. Seoul Women’s University, South Korea, 13 May.

CONFERENCE CONVENOR, SESSION CHAIR, & SPEAKER: Terra Nova. International Conference of the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale. Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, 3 May. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Terra Nova: overview of critical concepts explored in the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale. Taylor Art School, Tyler University, Philadelphia, USA, 28 March. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: Emerging Talents in Contemporary South African Ceramics. The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA, 27 March.

GUEST LECTURE: Curatorial ethics and protocols in the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale. School of Visual Art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA, 25 March. LINK

PANEL CO-CONVENOR & LECTURE: African Ceramics on Display: Beyond Didactics and Demonstrations. Triennial Conference of the Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA), New York, USA, 15 March. LINK


GUEST LECTURE & PAEL DISCUSSION: Ceramics & the 3d Printing Revolution in South Africa: lecture and discussion with Dr Michaella Janse van Vuuren. FADA Research Seminar Series, University of Johannesburg (UJ). 29 July.

CONFERENCE MODERATOR: Agents of the 3D Revolution, International Conference, UJ, 23 July.

GUEST LECTURE: African identities in Modern and Contemporary South African Pottery. Workshop. Ubumba for Life Program for Adult Learners, Thembaletu, Pietermaritzburg, 16 July.


GUEST LECTURE: New Directions in Contemporary International Ceramics. Kim Sacks Gallery, Johannesburg, 5 Aug.

GUEST LECTURE: Southern African Potteries: 1900-1970. City Campus, Durban University of Technology, Durban, 27 July.

GUEST LECTURE: Southern African Ceramics – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Iziko SA Cultural History Museum, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, 14 July.

LECTURE: Value-formation mechanisms associated with English & Dutch export domestic pottery in South Africa: early c.20. World Economic History Congress, University of Stellenbosch, 9-13 July.

LECTURE: Le monde (pas si) carré.  Tiles from two South African Production potteries of the 1970s: devious dialogues in difficult times. South African Association of Visual and Art Historians. National Conference, UNISA, Pretoria, 3-5 June.


LECTURE: Between fine arts and anthropology. Reinventing the South African art museum & transforming the legacy of Apartheid – from whitewashed gallery to the inclusive rainbow nation. Seminar: The Hybrid Museum – The Museum as Dialogue Institution. Organised by the Centre Franco-Norvégien en Sciences Sociales et Humaines, Paris and held at Musée du Quai Branly, 25 Oct. LINK

GUEST LECTURE: The SA Ceramics Industry 1655-1950: The Colonial Cringe - A Postcolonial Perspective. FADA Research Seminar Series, University of Johannesburg, 22 July.

GUEST LECTURE: Robyn Orlin: the European Decade. FADA Research Seminar Series, University of Johannesburg, 21 July.

GUEST LECTURE: Steven Cohen – An analysis of recurrent themes and recent French works. FADA Research Seminar Series, University of Johannesburg, 20 July.

LECTURE: Cuckoos in the nest.  An analysis of aspects of Modernism within Southern African art, production and souvenir pottery. Colloquium - Other Views: Art History in (South) Africa and the Global South. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.