• Is your work stale, or your career in the doldrums?

  • Do you want to develop a new body of ceramic work or a fresh interdisciplinary research project, but lack direction?

  • Do you need to recharge your mental and creative batteries?

  • Do you dream of photographing your work in a unique, original environment? 

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, a Ceramics Residency with Dr Wendy Gers is the answer.

Ceramics Residency offers a professional artistic residency for ceramics and other artistic disciplines (painting, writing, drawing, poetry, sculpture, photography, film, performance etc), with personalized mentoring and artistic coaching in idyllic conditions. We provide well-equipped studios and work spaces, inspiring locations, comfortable lodging, outstanding food, and a safe environment to work through any goal or challenge in your artistic practice.

Our first Ceramics Residency, Pause 2019, is set in a remote Himalayan village. It offers the perfect setting to take time out, and reflect on your practice in an awe-inspiring natural environment. Dr Wendy Gers, an internationally acclaimed curator and scholar, has mentored artists across the globe, and will help you move your practice up a notch or two!

Ceramics Residency - Pause 2019

Pause 2019 is a chance to rejuvenate your creative, intellectual and personal life forces. This exclusive residency for 8 artists will develop and stretch your creative practice and imagination. You will extend your art skills, participate in informal lectures and demonstrations, group and individual discussions, and one-on-one mentoring sessions. In addition, exciting excursions and meetings with village artists are planned for the weekends.

Dates: 08 Sept - 06 Oct 2019.

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Pause 2019